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You are dedicated, curious, ready.

You want to work smart, not hard. 

You want to absorb knowledge, create generously, glow.

You crave a deeper learning experience.

You belong here.


Hi! I'm Jenn, and I'm the wizard behind this curtain. I teach courses on starstuff and writing and sometimes starstuff AND writing.

I spent a LONG time inside academia. 

In 2012 I finished my PhD at UC Berkeley with a thesis on the "Astrological Imaginary in Earth Twentieth Century Germany." And because that wasn't enough, I completed an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology on the topic of legitimizing astrology in popular culture in Germany.

After all that, traditional academic pathways felt stifling. 

The classes I want to teach challenge the slow, plodding department hierarchies. Plus, we all know astrology has been exiled from the ivory tower for three hundred years, so why even bother trying to bend into some other format just to get a chance to teach those priviledged few who land in that space. 

AND in the post-pandemic world of zoomfatigue, I want to do more for you than just broadcast. I want you to feel like you're sitting in a seminar with the most brilliant minds. See your fellow students. FEEL community.

So, to better to flex our creative muscles and convene in more creative ways, I made the Catapult Zone... 

Spark your radiance:

Inside this portal, you'll find unconventional courses that throttle you into a whole new engagement with the world around you. 

Long neglected strands of human culture convene and weave new narratives. 

We weave arts together with stars, and learn the craft of astrology from many vantage points. 

You will enter a space of creative unfolding and emerge more of yourself than you ever thought possible.

Join in! 

Get your hands dirty! 

Shape the future!